Here I provide you a brief overview about the equipment I am using to produce my music. Old school ? Definitely ! Bragging ? Maybe .... mea culpa.

There is something about modern synthesizers. They come and stay for a while but never reach my heart. Regardless if analog or digital. I know I am not alone with this but I am no collector. I play all these instruments.

  • DK Synergy I, I played my first album "Synergized CoverArt" entirely with this machine. A really great machine with a great keyboard - like a Fender Rhodes, just better.
  • DK Synergy II+, I used this machine mainly in the second album and I generate my sounds mainly on this machine, teamed up with a Kaypro and SynHCS this is a killer.
  • DK Synergy V, basically a custom build 19" midi enabled Synergy I without Keyboard. He delivers where a Mulogic Slave 32 can't.
  • BBC Music 500 System, a wavetable synthesizer from the mid eighties build by Acorn (ARM anybody ?).
  • Böhm Dynamic 4x9, a FM expander from Germany with nice Yamaha chips inside. Rich and reliable.
  • Mellotron M400, when it works it is great. Unfortunately this happens not very often.
  • Twisted Electrons MegaFM, my only non classic piece of equipment. Lets hope it stays
  • Linn 9000, the menace. Better than a LinnDrum. Much better than a MPC. Buggy but satisfying.
  • Yamaha Acoustic Piano
.... the CMI IIx has left the building.

  • Apple Macintosh Pro (2009) running Logic Pro X
  • Tascam Audio Interface(s)
  • Sennheiser mk4 Microphone
  • A decent API 500 rack for interesting and classified outboard equipment.
  • Eventide FX
  • Sennheiser Headphones ... the good ones.